Anguillara Sabazia & driving in Rome

  • Posted on: 25/08/2011
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I feel like I drove my entire life… You know, long long time ago (geeez I feel old now) when there were not as many car on the roads and you could pretty much do anything on the country road; like driving sitting on your dad’s lap. So why was I scared so much of driving in Italy? For a lot of reasons, but since we took my baby car here, I wasn’t letting it rot in the parking garage. I took my courage and drove all day Saturday (luckily it is still vacation time in Rome and the traffic is not too heavy).

As we planned, we went outside of Rome, in the “campagna di Roma”. The landscape was amazing. The roads were tortuous, just like in the movies were you can’t imagine two car passing (but they do). It was beautiful and I was driving!!!! Hiiiiii… Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of the scenery and Yan was too busy navigating. You might be saying that I could have stopped on the side of the road… Nah, there is no shoulder on those roads: it is either a ditch, a wall of rock or a line of trees; not a good place to stop.

Yan had chosen for us a route to a lake; thinking it might be cooler there… We found a lake (Lago di Bracciano) but the heat was suffocating regardless. The view was fantastic and the little town of Anguillara Sabazia was very cute. We will return for sure; probably during the fall when the temperature will be more bearable.

Until then, here are the few shots I took there.


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