First visit of Rome…

  • Posted on: 03/08/2011
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Although we have been here for a couple of weeks now, we haven’t visited Rome per say. I mean, I know my neighbourhood and the surroundings, and how to get around… So last weekend, it was our “get there and be a tourist” weekend.

Saturday, we had decided to go to Porta di Rome (big shopping center) by bus. Apparently, only tourists and immigrants take the bus in Rome. Hummm!   ;)   We were told to take the 310 to the Termini and then, the 38 to the shopping center.   Easy!   It was supposed to be a really short bus ride… yeah right! Two hours later, we finally arrived and the mall is packed…

So, on our way back, Yan took the GPS out and followed it; got off the 38 after about 15 minutes into the ride and walked another 5 minutes and we got home!!!! :) Thanks GPS. (I don’t have a photograph to illustrate this story but I thought it was worthy to write about.)

The lesson: Do not trust anybody who says it will be fast, or it is not far, or it won’t take long. They do not have the same clock than us.   ;)

And Sunday, we went to Piazza di Spagna. Unfortunately, we had to cut it short because Yan’s work phone kept ringing…   :(   We will go back for sure, maybe later this year so there will be fewer tourists. I was again surprised that it was such a short walk to get there. You can trust me on that one!   ;)

Z… xxx

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