The importance of carrying a camera + Instagram

  • Posted on: 10/08/2011
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On Monday, I walked to work with Yan and we came across three city workers.  Their job:  Painting parking lines on the street.  How they do that?  By delimiting the lines on the asphalt with box tape and painting the lines with a brush.  Wow!  That would have made an awesome picture to show you, right?  Nah, I didn’t have a camera and I forgot I had one on my new phone.  Knowing now that there is so much happening around here, I have decided to take the time to take the snapshot when I see it; either with the DSLR, the point n’ shoot or the phone.  A camera phone is better than no camera at all!

That brings me to my second subject: Instagram. An app (an amazing app!!!) that I have on my iPhone (iPhone that I cannot use in Europe – thanks to Rogers in Canada!) and that I have to check if I can get it on my new phone. This little awesome app brings what would be a boring camera phone picture into a new dimension.

This is an Instagram photo of Juliet and Moncto (I probably misspelled their names), who lives in a house where I was supervising workers this week.

Juliet & Moncto


I also came across a “tuk tuk”. What a busy week, and it is only Wednesday!



I already shared on Facebook a picture of Yan on the plane and one of Sothïs just being cute using Intagram. Just as a reminder, here they are.

Z… xxx


Leaving on a jet plane & Sothïs just being cute


***  Update:
I just checked and Instagram is only available for the iPhone.  I guess I will continue carrying my iPhone just for that option… and for the GPS!

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