Paperwork to Italy

  • Posted on: 22/04/2011
  • By:

I can finally announce my big news. (drumming) We are posted to Rome (yep, the one in Italy) in July for at least two years!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! (lot of cheering)

We are very very excited. Especially since we worked so hard during the last four months to get the posting confirmation: tons of paperwork, many many appointments, more paperwork, lots of training for Y… oh! and even more paperwork! We probably killed a forest… :/

So now we only have to sell our house and the car, pack our belongings and put others to adoption (future post), and get there. Like if it would be so simple…. no, we have more paperwork to do!!!! ;)

Needless to say that in less than three months, I will be blogging from Rome! Is this not incredible or what???


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