Morning Coffee

  • Posted on: 18/08/2011
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There is a lot of things that are different here and one of them is how we make coffee. Back home, I had a combo machine with the percolator on one side and the expresso machine on the other. I know, I am fancy-smancy! ;)

The appartment came with an “american” percolator but no filter (which cannot be bought at the grocery store around the corner) and the way the coffee is roasted, the perco gives it a strong bitter taste. Beurk! So we bought a thingy-thing to brew coffee on the gas stove. This is while waiting for my brand new fancy-smancy expresso machine that Yan promised to buy me! Hihihihiii…



  1. stefano pedini · 18/08/2011

    You got the best way to do Coffee!

  2. Stephen Della Casa · 27/08/2011

    Hi Judith,

    That thing is called a Napolitana because it originates from Naples. Its our staple when we are in Italy. Just warm up some milk with your coffee and your all set. My favorite espresso to buy is ILLY or Lavazza D’Oro, Get the raw beans and get a grinder and you’ll be all set. I hope you enjoy Italia. post some shots of the Pantheon or the Circus Maxiumus in the early evening.


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