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  • Posted on: 10/05/2012
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I promised Yan that I would only get plants for the two planters I brought from Canada…  Yeah Right!  I love plants; indoor plants, outside plants, flowers, vegetable plants, any plants.  Yan… well not so much; maybe vegetable plants because they can feed him.

To Yan’s despair, there was already a couple of pots on the balcony when we arrived.  So my “new” promise was that I would only fill the pots that I already have and I wouldn’t buy more…  Yeah Right!  Not that I cannot keep a promise.  In fact, I am proud of keeping my words.  But when it come to plants and promise to Yan, I show up with all my arsenal of “Yan, you will change your mind and you will let me buy more”.  I won’t tell you my secrets on how I achieve that (Yan actually reads my blog) but if you wants some tricks, just e-mail me.

So now, I have a lavender plant, a planter of cute purple flowers, Sapinou (the Christmas tree  has been named and now sits on the balcony), a baby lemon tree (excellent for Mojitos), a miniature sunflower, a sweet pepper plant (for Yan… plants that equals food), four plants of cherry tomatoes (in Italien: ciliegino), parsley, rosemary, chives, oregano, two plants of mint (again, excellent for Mojitos), strawberries, a planter full of basil, and a bowl of lettuce.  I still have space for one more plater…..  ;)

I am finishing this post with a picture of the sunflower this morning.  Hoping that I will have a nice harvest later this summer from my first attempt at balcony plants.  I will keep you posted!




  1. Cor · 10/05/2012

    Very nice. taking leave tomorrow. will write you a e-mail next week. I promise

  2. Cathie Donovan · 17/05/2012

    Judith, this photo is perfection – you are so gooood and I am so jealous.
    Keep up the good work with filling your balcony with beautiful plants, both edible and not
    Just returned from the UK yesterday and up at 3am this morning – I hate jetleg Email coming I promise soon
    Cathie xx

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